• Simplicity Your students don't fax, they post. They don't mail, they email. If you want better student engagement, make it quick, easy and modern.
  • Speed The era of paper cuts, filing cabinets and indexing is over. Join the student self-service revolution and accept documents through an auto-indexing portal.
  • Security 15+ million student records have been exposed since 2007. Don't become a statistic. Protect sensitive docs with government-grade encryption.
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Your students and their parents are busy. Your staff is busy too. You can save everyone time with StudentDocuments, where:
  • Students and parents conveniently upload any school document via their smartphones or computers.
  • Your staff easily manages document submissions through the auto-indexing portal.
Eliminate archaic, manual paper-driven processes. Embrace the technology your students use every day.
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Coming Fall 2015
With StudentDocuments, you'll be ready to accept documents via a secure, student self-service portal within 24 hours.
  • Nothing to install
  • No hardware to buy
  • No IT involvement necessary
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